McCaffrey footwear combines technical innovation with world-class craftsmanship to provide performance and elegance for today’s smart city traveller.

Inspired by today’s zeitgeist movement of ‘active-travel’ which encourages walking and cycling, McCaffrey has developed and patented an exclusive range of features for pavement and pedal.

Encapsulating the artisanal values of shoe and bicycle craftsmanship, McCaffrey formal and casual shoes use only the highest-grade materials, components and construction for superior comfort and enduring style. We call this design approach: ‘Velos Sur Pieds’ (Bicycles on Feet).

Founder Robert McCaffrey's 20 years’ design experience in the fashion, luxury and sports industries inform a unique creative approach, combining progressive fashion and innovative functionality.

The concept for the McCaffrey collection arose on Robert’s first day as a design lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. His formal shoes were unsuitable for even the short journey by bicycle so development began on enhancing traditional shoes to become suitable for city cycling.

The debut McCaffrey collection is exclusively available through Mr Porter and worn by Ryan Reynolds, Alex Kapranos and David Byrne.