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Robert McCaffrey


Arne Jacobson created the radical shape of his 'Egg' chair by sculpting it out of clay in his garage then moulding the inner shell from a strong foam composite before upholstering it. It represented a new direction in manufacturing techniques and addressed the spatial role of the chair by creating personal privacy in the otherwise exposed Royal Hotel foyer in Copenhagen.

The 'Egg' is almost unique amongst the design anthology of chairs because it simply looks better with someone sitting in it. It makes more sense, it almost seems to complete itself. Try a google image search for the Egg chair (or any other type of chair) and the overwhelming majority of chairs are presented as vacant, devoid of their function.

Perhaps a chair only really becomes a chair when someone sits in it, a bicycle when someone rides it or shoes when someone wears them.




Cantona's Collar

Robert McCaffrey

Eric Cantona, the French forward who played for Manchester United in the mid-nineties, always had a peculiar presence on the football field. His powerful physique and exciting play drew attention, but also his distinctive upturned collar. This created a brooding, vampiresque appearance and reflected his style; continental and aggressive. The 'cantona-collar' would be seen in schools across Britain around this time, often flipped up for the afternoon football game then back down to a more respectable appearance for lessons.

This idea of how we adapt what we wear to create our own style is an underlying design principle for McCaffrey. From Luma-Tabs to transformable briefcases, It's really about how we wear things rather than what we wear.

Curl it like Cantona.